With Procurement Assist there are no rebates payable to us from Suppliers! This ensures our supply chain is as competitive as possible for our clients which in turn helps us to secure more opportunities for our Suppliers.

Suppliers can register their interest to become a service provider on one of the Procurement Assist Dynamic Purchasing Systems or Frameworks. Our Frameworks are procured once every 4 years – if you register to tender for a Framework, you will be notified of the re-procurement opportunity nearer the time. To see the areas we manage, please refer to our current List of Dynamic Purchasing Systems.

The Dynamic Purchasing System method of procurement is different – it is open ended and there is no close date to tender – Suppliers can apply at any time to be appointed of our DPS’.

Procurement Assist welcomes all types of Suppliers – SMEs – from across the UK to apply to be accepted onto our agreements.

DPS Application

Call us today on 0330 128 1336 or fill out the form further down this page to register your interest.

You can view our full list of DPS below.

You can view a full list of the CPV codes here.

Category Agreement Reference Description CPV Codes
Cyclical Maintenance PA/CM/01 Cyclical Decorations and Redecorations 45440000
Cyclical Maintenance PA/CM/02 Lift Maintenance and Servicing 50750000
Cyclical Maintenance PA/CM/03 Water Hygiene and Legionella 51514110
Cyclical Maintenance PA/CM/04 Fire System Monitoring 51700000
Cyclical Maintenance PA/CM/05 Fire Prevention 51700000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/01 Business Administration 30192700
Back Office Support PA/BOS/02 Energy Brokerage Services 71314200
Back Office Support PA/BOS/03 Energy Supply Services 9000000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/04 Cleaning Services 90910000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/05 Telecommunications 64200000
Back Office Support PA/BOA/06 Marketing Communications 79822500
Back Office Support PA/BOS/07 Internal and External Audit Services 79212000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/08 Insurance Services 66518000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/09 Domestic and Commercial Appliances 39700000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/10 Lone Worker and Tracker Services 71700000
Back Office Support PA/BOS/11 Recruitment Agency Services 79600000
Capital Investment PA/CI/01 Heating Maintenance, Installation and Servicing 45331100
Capital Investment PA/CI/02 Decorating Voucher Scheme and Paint Materials 44111400
Capital Investment PA/CI/03 Lift Installation 45313100
Capital Investment PA/CI/04 Fire Prevention 45312100
Capital Investment PA/CI/05 Total Asset Maintenance 45210000
Capital Investment PA/CI/06 Kitchen Supply and Install 45210000
Capital Investment PA/CI/07 Bathrooms Supply and Install 45210000
Capital Investment PA/CI/08 Re-Roofing 45260000
Development and Modular Build PA/DMB/01 New Asset Development 45211000
Development and Modular Build PA/DMB/02 Consultant Support 71315200
Development and Modular Build PA/DMB/03 New Build Contractors 44211100
Development and Modular Build PA/DMB/04 Site Services 45211000
Development and Modular Build PA/DMB/05 Modular Offsite Construction 44112000
Facilities Management PA/FM/01 Complete Facilities Management 79993100
Facilities Management PA/FM/02 External Presentation and Grounds Maintenance 77314000
Facilities Management PA/FM/03 Flooring and Internal Furnishings 44112200
Facilities Management PA/FM/04 Total Facility Solutions 79993100

Once you are successful on applying to participate on one of our DPS’ you will receive an email informing you of your success – you will automatically be added to the DPS and there is nothing further for you to do.  As tender opportunities arise with Clients you will automatically be invited to tender.  You can also apply for as many DPS’ as you like too – please ensure you fully understand the scope of each DPS before applying

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