Greatwell Homes, the largest housing provider in Wellingborough, owns and manages over 5,000 homes.  With a key drive to deliver value for money for their customers and communities they turned to Procurement Assist to help them deliver their procurement requirements.

“Service delivery, value for money, compliance and choice” remarks Karen Willoughby, Procurement Manager at Greatwell Homes.  “We had a number of contracts to procure – works, services and supplies, and we wanted to select a procurement provider to strategically support us with a full turn-key solution.  Procurement Assist has done just that, and more!”

Karen explains the process in more detail: “One of the key elements in selecting our procurement support provider was value for money.  When assessing the marketplace, Procurement Assist offered their services at a much more competitive price than others, who more often than not hide their fees in an uplift in the prices we pay.  The cost saving made by selecting Procurement Assist as our procurement route to market has been more than £120k compared to others, and that is before we look at contract cost savings.”

“We took a strategic approach to supporting Greatwell Homes with their procurement requirements” explains Keith Armstrong, CEO at Procurement Assist.  “Greatwell Homes already has in-house procurement expertise – our service was an extension of that – and supporting the procurement team in harmony is a key part of our unique approach.”

“The diverse categories we needed to procure meant that many other procurement providers in the market couldn’t cover all of our requirements. Procurement Assist, with their 40 Dynamic Purchasing Systems, covered all our requirements, providing us with a ‘one stop shop’ solution and allowed us to keep a focus on our community of existing contractors as they are able to join the Dynamic Purchasing System” adds Karen.  “The expertise on-hand at Procurement Assist has really helped us to tailor each contract to what we need for our business and our customers.”

“My dealings with Procurement Assist have always been open, honest and friendly and by using the Full Assist service it has allowed us at Greatwell Homes to be guided through the procurement of our new contracts with confidence, while the flexible Dynamic Purchasing System approach has meant those new contracts meet our specific requirements.  I would encourage anyone looking for a low cost, compliant flexible service to get in touch with them.”