Our objective is simple, to provide Public Sector Organisations a quick and easy to use PCR2019 compliant procurement solution which can designed to meet each clients specific needs.

We have 40 DPS’ covering a wide range of goods, works and services which are accessible using one of our four service levels which can be tailored to each clients specific requirements using an optional service enhancements menu. Our open and transparent pricing policy and no supply chain fees enables us to provide a highly flexible procurement vehicle which delivers the highest level of quality, compliance, and value for money.


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The DPS is run as two-stage process:

Stage One

The initial application period is 30 days, but suppliers can apply to join for the entire lifetime of the DPS. Suppliers complete a standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and all suppliers who meet the criteria within the SQ are admitted to the DPS. Rejected suppliers are provided with feedback to enable them to re-apply should they wish to do so.

Stage Two

Stage two is where the contract is awarded following the running of a ‘further competition’ which is open to all approved Service Providers who wish to bid for each procurement exercise conducted under the DPS. Service Providers are under no obligation to bid.

Benefits for clients using a Procurement Assist DPS:

By using any of the wide range of Procurement Assist DPS categories clients can ensure that they are fully compliant with EU Procurement legislation.

Procurement Assist provides four levels of service that can be tailored to the clients specific requirements.  Each level of service is designed to support clients different ways, and with our open pricing policy, the price you see is the price you pay!

Faster and less complex than a full 9-month PCR2019 tender process – the PCR2019 and SQ stages have already been undertaken and no further advertisement is necessary

Under a DPS the minimum timescale for return of tenders is 10 days. Where the client is a sub-central body, this time limit can be reduced by mutual agreement between the client and all tendering Service Providers. There is no obligation to undertake a ‘standstill’ period

The DPS is a streamlined procurement process for both buyers and suppliers and is designed to help to include new/SME or local suppliers in bidding for Public Sector contracts.

Suppliers can apply to join a DPS at any time which allows incumbent or potential suppliers not already on the DPS the opportunity to bid for procurement exercises conducted under the DPS.

Benefits for suppliers of being on a Procurement Assist DPS:

With Procurement Assist there are no rebates based on the contract value payable to us from Service Providers, ensuring Service Providers are able to price competitively without worrying about supply chain fees!

Suppliers do not have to demonstrate suitability and capability every time they wish to compete for a Public Sector contract.

A DPS is much more accessible than a Framework Agreement and is open to any supplier who satisfies the quick and simple self-certification application criteria.

A DPS remains open to new suppliers throughout the lifetime of the agreement (each Procurement Assist DPS is refreshed annually, and reprocured every 5 years) which enables new suppliers to apply for acceptance onto the DPS at a later stage.

If rejected a supplier can reapply later if their circumstances have changed. Suppliers may apply for to be included in several DPS’ and multiple categories within a DPS.

All suppliers who meet the selection criteria are admitted to the DPS.


Cyclical Decorations and Redecorations

Category Coverage: Internal and External Decoration Preparation, Internal and External Decoration
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/01

Lift Maintenance and Servicing

Category Coverage: Passenger Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Vertical Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Stair Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Hoists (Maintenance and Servicing)
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/02

Water Hygiene and Legionella

Category Coverage: Water Hygiene and Associated Services, Water Auditing Services
Agreement Reference:PA/CM/03

Fire System Monitoring

Category Coverage: Monitoring of Fire Prevention Systems
Agreement Reference:  PA/CM/04

Fire Prevention

Category Coverage: Fire Risk Assessments, Cladding Testing
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/05

Business Administration

Category Coverage: Stationery Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Total Office Solution, Workwear and PPE
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/01

Energy Brokerage Services

Category Coverage: Gas and Electric Brokerage Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/02

Energy Supply Services

Category Coverage: Gas and Electric Supplies
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/03

Cleaning Services

Category Coverage: Commercial Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, Deep Clean (NHS, Extra Care)
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/04


Category Coverage: Landline, Mobile, VoIP, Hardware
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/05

Marketing Communications

Category Coverage: Graphic Design, Supplies
Agreement Reference: PA/BOA/06

Internal and External Audit Services

Category Coverage: Internal and External Audit Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/07

Insurance Services

Category Coverage: Brokerage Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/08

Domestic and Commercial Appliances

Category Coverage: Appliances, including Commercial Aftercare Packages
Agreement Reference: PA/BOA/09

Lone Worker and Tracker Services

Category Coverage: Vehicle Tracking Hardware and Service, Lone Worker Hardware and Service
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/10

Recruitment Agency Services

Category Coverage: Master Vendor, Executive, HR/Comms, Housing, IT, Finance, Care (NHS), Asset Management, and Full Vendor Service
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/11

Heating Maintenance, Installation and Servicing

Category Coverage: Servicing, Auditing, Electrical, Solid Fuel, Oil fired and Combined
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/01

Decorating Voucher Scheme and Paint Materials

Category Coverage: Supply of Void Decorating Vouchers and Void Decorating Incentive Packs
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/02

Lift Installation

Category Coverage: Vertical, Through Floor and Stair Lift Removal and Installation
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/03

Fire Prevention

Category Coverage: Sprinkler System Installations, Fire Alarm Installations, Cladding and Fire Prevention Remedial Works
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/04

Total Asset Maintenance

Category Coverage: Complete Asset Management Solution – a mix and match of: Groundwork, Brickwork, Fencing, Drainage, Iron Mongery, Joinery, Electrical, Plastering, Insulation, Aids and Adaptations, Plant Hire, Skip Hire, Scaffolding and Asbestos
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/05

Kitchen Supply and Install

Category Coverage: Removal, Supply and Installation of a kitchen
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/06

Bathrooms Supply and Install

Category Coverage: Removal, Supply and Installation of a bathroom
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/07


Category Coverage: Removal / Remedial Works to exiting roof. Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/08

Materials Supply

Category Coverage: Materials for responsive repairs, with options for dedicated stores management, van stock replenishment and branch network infrastructure
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/09

Repairs and Maintenance

Category Coverage: Reactive repairs to maintain Client assets, either as a standalone repairs contract or supplementary contract to support an existing direct labour repairs service
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/10

New Asset Development

Category Coverage: Complete New Asset Solution – a selection of Contractors Specialising in New Build Projects – Commercial and Residential
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/01

Consultant Support

Category Coverage: Specialist Consultant Support, including Architects, CDMC, Clerks of Works, Valuers, Employers Agents, Ecologists, Highways, Project Managers,
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/02

New Build Contractors

Category Coverage: Range of Contractors that Specialise in the Construction of New Commercial and Domestic Dwellings and Delivery to Site
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/03

Site Services

Category Coverage: Specialist Contractor Services for on new build site: Demolition, Site Clearance, Landscaping, Asbestos Removal, Agriculturalists
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/04

Modular Offsite Construction

Category Coverage: Supply of Modular Offsite New Build Dwellings
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/05

Complete Facilities Management

Category Coverage: Complete Facilities Management Solution – a mix and match of Hard FM and Soft FM Services
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/01

External Presentation and Grounds Maintenance

Category Coverage: Ground Presentation (Pathed Areas), Grounds Maintenance, Site Surveys, Arboricultural
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/02

Flooring and Internal Furnishings

Category Coverage: Supply and Installation of Floor Covering, free standing Soft and Hard Furnishings and Bespoke Supply and Installation of Fitted Hard Furnishings
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/03

Total Facility Solutions

Category Coverage: Sole Supply of a range of Hard FM and Soft FM Services
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/04

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