Procurement Assist offer an extensive suite of national pre-procured Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) covering a wide range of Categories which are available for all Public Sector Bodies (Clients) to use.

A DPS is a completely electronic system used to purchase goods, services and works. And, unlike a Framework Agreement, suppliers can apply to join at any time and is designed to provide Clients with access to a pool of pre-qualified suppliers.

Benefits for Clients using a DPS:

  • Faster and less complex than the full 9-month OJEU tender process – the OJEU and PQQ stages have already been undertaken and no further advertisement is necessary
  • Once the DPS’s have been established, there is no need for a Client to separately advertise its requirements
  • The DPS is based on generic service specifications which can be tailored to the Clients specific requirements at the tender stage
  • Under a DPS the minimum timescale for return of tenders is 10 days. Where the Client is a sub-central body, this time limit can be reduced by mutual agreement between the Client and all suppliers in the relevant DPS. There is no obligation to undertake a standstill period
  • The DPS encourages competition from local SME’s – it is easier for local providers to get on to the DPS and join at any time during its period of validity
  • Further competition with all pre-qualified bidders can be undertaken
  • By using any of the wide range of Procurement Assist DPS Categories Clients can ensure that they are fully compliant with EU Procurement legislation

Benefits for Suppliers of being on a DPS:

  • Suppliers do not have to demonstrate suitability and capability every time they wish to compete for a Public Sector Contract
  • A DPS is more accessible for SME’s
  • A DPS remains open to new suppliers throughout the lifetime of the agreement (each Procurement Assist DPS is refreshed annually, and reprocured every 5 years). This enables suppliers to apply for acceptance onto the DPS at a later stage
  • If rejected a supplier can reapply later if their circumstances have changed. Suppliers may apply for as many categories for which it is suitable
  • Any supplier who meets the selection criteria is admitted to the DPS

The DPS is a two-stage process:

Stage One: Suppliers complete a standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ.) All suppliers who meet and pass the selection criteria within the PQQ are admitted to the DPS and/or the relevant categories within it. Rejected suppliers are provided with feedback in order to enable them to re-apply should they wish to do so.

Stage Two: Clients award individual contracts through the DPS. The Client invites all potential providers on the DPS category to participate in a further competition to bid for a specific contract. Suppliers are under no obligation to bid.

Cyclical Decorations and Redecorations

Category Coverage: Internal and External Decoration Preparation, Internal and External Decoration
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/01

Lift Maintenance and Servicing

Category Coverage: Passenger Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Vertical Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Stair Lifts (Maintenance and Servicing), Hoists (Maintenance and Servicing)
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/02

Water Hygiene and Legionella

Category Coverage: Water Hygiene and Associated Services, Water Auditing Services
Agreement Reference:PA/CM/03

Fire System Monitoring

Category Coverage: Monitoring of Fire Prevention Systems
Agreement Reference:  PA/CM/04

Fire Prevention

Category Coverage: Fire Risk Assessments, Cladding Testing
Agreement Reference: PA/CM/05

Business Administration

Category Coverage: Stationery Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Total Office Solution, Workwear and PPE
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/01

Energy Brokerage Services

Category Coverage: Gas and Electric Brokerage Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/02

Energy Supply Services

Category Coverage: Gas and Electric Supplies
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/03

Cleaning Services

Category Coverage: Commercial Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, Deep Clean (NHS, Extra Care)
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/04


Category Coverage: Landline, Mobile, VoIP, Hardware
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/05

Marketing Communications

Category Coverage: Graphic Design, Supplies
Agreement Reference: PA/BOA/06

Internal and External Audit Services

Category Coverage: Internal and External Audit Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/06

Insurance Services

Category Coverage: Brokerage Services
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/07

Domestic and Commercial Appliances

Category Coverage: Appliances, including Commercial Aftercare Packages
Agreement Reference: PA/BOA/07

Lone Worker and Tracker Services

Category Coverage: Vehicle Tracking Hardware and Service, Lone Worker Hardware and Service
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/08

Recruitment Agency Services

Category Coverage: Master Vendor, Executive, HR/Comms, Housing, IT, Finance, Care (NHS), Asset Management, and Full Vendor Service
Agreement Reference: PA/BOS/09

Heating Maintenance, Installation and Servicing

Category Coverage: Servicing, Auditing, Electrical, Solid Fuel, Oil fired and Combined
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/01

Decorating Voucher Scheme and Paint Materials

Category Coverage: Supply of Void Decorating Vouchers and Void Decorating Incentive Packs
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/02

Lift Installation

Category Coverage: Vertical, Through Floor and Stair Lift Removal and Installation
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/03

Fire Prevention

Category Coverage: Sprinkler System Installations, Fire Alarm Installations, Cladding and Fire Prevention Remedial Works
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/04

Total Asset Maintenance

Category Coverage: Complete Asset Management Solution – a mix and match of: Groundwork, Brickwork, Fencing, Drainage, Iron Mongery, Joinery, Electrical, Plastering, Insulation, Aids and Adaptations, Plant Hire, Skip Hire, Scaffolding and Asbestos
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/05

Kitchen Supply and Install

Category Coverage: Removal, Supply and Installation of a kitchen
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/06

Bathrooms Supply and Install

Category Coverage: Removal, Supply and Installation of a bathroom
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/07


Category Coverage: Removal / Remedial Works to exiting roof. Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion
Agreement Reference: PA/CI/08

New Asset Development

Category Coverage: Complete New Asset Solution – a selection of Contractors Specialising in New Build Projects – Commercial and Residential
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/01

Consultant Support

Category Coverage: Specialist Consultant Support, including Architects, CDMC, Clerks of Works, Valuers, Employers Agents, Ecologists, Highways, Project Managers,
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/02

New Build Contractors

Category Coverage: Range of Contractors that Specialise in the Construction of New Commercial and Domestic Dwellings and Delivery to Site
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/03

Site Services

Category Coverage: Specialist Contractor Services for on new build site: Demolition, Site Clearance, Landscaping, Asbestos Removal, Agriculturalists
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/04

Modular Offsite Construction

Category Coverage: Supply of Modular Offsite New Build Dwellings
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/05

Complete Facilities Management

Category Coverage: Complete Facilities Management Solution – a mix and match of Hard FM and Soft FM Services
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/01

External Presentation and Grounds Maintenance

Category Coverage: Ground Presentation (Pathed Areas), Grounds Maintenance, Site Surveys, Arboricultural
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/02

Flooring and Internal Furnishings

Category Coverage: Supply and Installation of Floor Covering, free standing Soft and Hard Furnishings and Bespoke Supply and Installation of Fitted Hard Furnishings
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/03

Total Facility Solutions

Category Coverage: Sole Supply of a range of Hard FM and Soft FM Services
Agreement Reference: PA/DMB/04

Modular Offsite Construction

Category Coverage: Supply of Modular Offsite New Build Dwellings
Agreement Reference: PA/FM/04

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