Our extensive range of pre-procured DPS’ allow Public Sector organisations compliant access to a wide range of goods, works, and services combined with a support service which offers a unique and simple to use choice of service and price options based on the clients level of involvement which is designed to speed up the procurement process and minimises risk and complexity. In addition, Procurement Assist provides a full range of procurement consultancy services tailored to clients needs ranging from advice helpdesk to a fully managed outsourced procurement service.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of pre-procured National DPS’
  • Quick access to Service Providers
  • Market leading value for money – Unique low-cost fixed pricing model based on the clients level of involvement – the price you choose is what you pay!
  • Assured compliance / Reduced risk – All our agreements are 100% PCR2019 compliant
  • Flexible needs-based service based on clients requirements/level of involvement
  • Cashable savings (reduction in the level of resource required)
  • Non-cashable savings (improved cost efficiencies with a given level of resource)
  • Enables clients to focus their efforts elsewhere
  • Open and transparent pricing – no supplier throughput charges – resulting in lower unit costs to clients