An approved supplier on one of Procurement Assists Dynamic Purchasing Systems, Xylem Resourcing, turned to us to help their Client reach out for a compliant procurement route to market for their services.  Their NHS Client was in urgent need of sourcing candidates for two senior roles, and using PPN0120 (relaxation of the further competition rules due to Covid-19) the Client was able to appoint Xylem Resourcing compliantly using the Procurement Assist Dynamic Purchasing System.  We caught up with the owner of Xylem Resourcing, Jamie Butel, to ask him  how it all went from his point of view.

How did you find the process of being awarded a contract through Procurement Assist?

From first hearing about the Procurement Assist Dynamic Purchasing System right through to being awarded a place and using it for the first time, the whole process has been extremely smooth and effective. Steve and Keith have been transparent throughout the whole process and gone out of their way to support me and Xylem Resourcing as well as ensure the Client has everything they need in place to be compliant. 

How quickly did you enter into a contract with your Client and was there any issues?

I was able to utilise the DPS with one of my NHS Clients within a matter of a weeks after being awarded a place on it.  It was very straightforward, transparent and ensured my Client could engage the resource needed for their resource programme quickly whilst remaining compliant under the OJEU approved DPS. 

How helpful was the Procurement Assist team in helping you provide a solution to your client?

Steve and the team have been extremely helpful throughout. They are very knowledgeable, and their focus on delivering a solution was second to none.

Do you think Procurement Assist offers value for money?

I estimate that it will save my company Xylem Resourcing and also my Client thousands of pounds, because there are no hidden and unnecessary DPS/supplier fees that often get applied to the supplier.  By using Procurement Assist, there are no ongoing or hidden fees.  In addition, the speed and simplicity of engaging with Procurement Assist has also saved time, and thus cost, in the back office too.