Procurement Assist welcomes applications from new suppliers to join our Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). There are 42 DPS’ available for suppliers to join through our application process.

Once approved, suppliers become an approved Service Provider.

With Procurement Assist there are no fees payable to us from Service Providers! This ensures our supply chain is as competitive as possible for our clients which in turn helps us to secure more opportunities for Service Providers on our DPS.

The DPS method of procurement is different, it is open ended and there is no close date to apply – suppliers can apply at any time to be appointed onto our DPS’.

Procurement Assist welcomes applications from all types of suppliers – including new/SME or local suppliers from across the UK to apply to be accepted onto our agreements.

Categories we cover

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Cyclical Maintenance
Back office support
Capital Investment
Development & Modular Build
Facilities Management

DPS Application Guide

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DPS Application List

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Case Studies

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Once you are successful in applying to participate on one of our DPS’ you will receive an email informing you of your success – you will automatically be added to the DPS and there is nothing further for you to do.  As tender opportunities arise with clients you will automatically be invited to tender.  You can also apply for as many DPS’ as you like too – but please ensure you fully understand the scope of each DPS before applying

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