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Your perfect procurement partner

Innovative procurement support solutions for
the whole of the public sector to use


For all your procurement requirements

Procurement Assist is a unique and innovative procurement solution designed to give the Public Sector 100% compliant access to a suite of national pre-procured Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) and Framework Agreements (coming soon) covering an extensive range of goods, works and services.

We act as an extension of our client’s organisation to deliver innovative and flexible needs-based procurement solutions that offer 5 levels of service and price options dependent on the clients level of involvement. And, with no additional charges based on contract value to either our clients or supply chain partners we can help to reduce the time, cost and risks associated with finding high quality service providers.


Join our success story

We have 48 DPS’ to choose from
We have achieved Client savings in excess of 15%
Our no supply chain fee policy has reduced the cost of our clients procurement by 200%*

*Compared to our competitor fees, typically 2% of contract value.

We have 100% UK supplier coverage
We have procured £60m worth of contracts for our clients and supply chain

The benefits of using our agreements

For the entire public sector

Easy and quick to set up

Flexible contract durations (DPS only)

Find a supplier in less than 10 days

Add suppliers anytime (DPS only)

Bespoke contracts (DPS only)

Flexible approach to supplier selection

Transparent pricing. No ongoing fees

Fully compliant with PCR 2015

Five flexible levels of service

Save time and money

Direct award (framework only)

How can we help?

Who we support

Public Sector

Procurement Assist gives Public Sector clients 100% PCR2015 compliant access to a wide range of industry leading value for money procurement solutions delivered through a service that is always designed around each organisations specific needs.


Supply chain

With Procurement Assist there are no fees payable to us from service providers! This ensures our supply chain partners pricing is as competitive as possible for our clients!

Suppliers can register their interest to be accepted on one of the Procurement Assist DPS agreements at any time during its lifetime and we welcome applications from all types of suppliers – including new/SME or local suppliers from across the UK.

Applying for a place on one of our Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) or Framework Agreements could not be simpler.

Procurement Assist operates 48 DPS’ and 8 Frameworks (coming soon) across Cyclical Maintenance, Back Office Support, Capital Investment, Development and Modular Build and Facilities Management.

For a full list of our Agreements click on the link below. For instructions on how to complete your DPS application and what information you need before you start simply fill out the form below and we will send you our handy free guide. If you have any questions, you can call us on 0330 128 1336.


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