Zero carbon

Tackling climate change is a Global long term priority, in June 2019 the UK government amended the Climate Change Act 2008 to commit the UK to a target of Net Zero emissions by 2050. The target is a seriously ambitious one, and it is a target that will affect every business in the UK, both in the public and private sectors.

November 2020 saw the government outline its plans for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ which covers clean energy, transport, nature, and innovative technologies.

Net Zero means emissions would be balanced by schemes that offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gasses, such as planting trees and using technology like carbon capture and storage.

There are certain emissions that the Public Sector controls directly, and there are others that they can influence but not directly control. Key Stakeholders must adopt new ways to support the reduction in emissions, whether they are internal or external. One of the areas that can be controlled is the supply chain that supports the public sector in providing goods, works and services.

The wider operation of each public sector institution must consider the impact of working towards Net Zero emissions.

Procurement Assist fully recognises and supports the drive to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions. That is why with each contract procured by our clients we ensure that Net Zero carbon drivers are included within the core specification to facilitate the procurement of sustainable items and delivering services and works in a carbon reducing way. No two organisations are the same in their approach to delivering the strategic change to Net Zero carbon and our flexible approach to procuring contracts compliments this now, as strategies are embedded into day-to-day operations.

Building net zero into procurement

Procurement Assist is committed to supporting the UK Government objective to achieve carbon zero. We will support this by adopting our own long term strategy in all procurement activities we conduct on behalf of our clients:


Procurement Assist will launch a Sustainable supplier framework

APRIL 2022

Procurement Assist will adopt PPN 06/20, so all tenders include a minimum 10% net zero and social value weighting

APRIL 2023

Procurement Assist will adopt PPN 06/21 so that all contracts above £5m procured through one of our agreements will require suppliers* to publish a carbon reduction plan for their direct emissions as a qualifying criteria

APRIL 2024

All suppliers* will be required to publicly report emissions and publish a carbon reduction plan aligned to the UK’s net zero target for their direct emissions, irrespective of contract value

APRIL 2027

All suppliers* will be required to publicly report emissions and publish a carbon reduction plan aligned to the UK’s net zero target, for both their direct and indirect emissions

APRIL 2028

New requirements will be introduced overseeing the provision of carbon foot printing for individual products supplied into the public sector

APRIL 2030

All suppliers will be required to demonstrate progress in-line with the UK’s net zero targets, through published progress reports and continued carbon emissions reporting



**To account for the specific barriers that Small & Medium Enterprises and Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprises encounter, a two year grace period on the requirements leading up to the 2030 deadline, by which point we expect all suppliers to have matched or exceeded our ambition for net zero