Procurement Assist is the UK’s only professional procurement services provider that does not charge its supply chain partners fees based on the value of the contracts procured. In fact, we firmly believe that fees should reflect the time it takes to deliver the service, not a percentage of the total contract value.

Because our fees are in proportion to the amount of work we carry out the savings our clients make are significantly higher when compared to those of our competitors. These savings can be used to support our client’s strategic ambitions directly, in areas such as reinvestment, social value and net zero instead of supporting the initiatives of others!

Combining our knowledge and experience of Public Sector procurement with a personal approach we work closely with our clients to deliver a unique and flexible procurement solution that is designed to generate real value to our clients, suppliers, and the communities in which they work at a defined cost without compromising on quality or compliance.

We have 48 DPS’ covering a wide range of goods, works and services and 8 Framework Agreements (coming soon). Clients have a choice of 5 service levels and with a unique no supply chain fees policy our best in class service delivers the highest levels of quality, compliance, and value for money available to UK Public Sector Organisations.