With years of proven procurement experience, we decided to re-define the way procurement consulting is perceived by and delivered to the Public Sector. Our innovative and cost-efficient solutions are designed to generate real value to our clients, suppliers, and their customers.

Combining our knowledge and experience with a personal approach we work closely with our clients to deliver unique and flexible “end to end” procurement solutions tailored to their specific needs at a defined cost without compromising on quality and compliance.

Our clients benefit from Procurement Assist’s expertise, innovation, and resources when they transfer all or part of their procurement to us. We use client insight and our ability to manage people processes and IT to reduce the resource and risk and cost associated with PCR2019* compliant procurement.

We seek to build open and transparent long-term relationships with our clients to create mutually beneficial value for all stakeholders – clients, suppliers, employees, and the communities in which we work.

Our objective is simple, to provide quick and easy to use PCR2019 compliant procurement solutions which are designed to meet each clients specific needs. We have 42 DPS’ covering a wide range of goods, works and services and 8 Framework Agreements coming soon. Clients have a choice of four service levels with an open and transparent pricing policy and no fees payable to us from Service Providers! Our ‘best in class service’ delivers the highest level of quality, compliance, and value for money available to UK Public Sector Organisations.

Our values are driven to the core of the business and is key to delivering services for our clients – accountability, transparency, value for money, be innovative and efficient in our approach.

*PCR2019 – Public Contracts Regulations.